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The Use Of Basalt Aggregates In Concrete Mixes In Jordan

Last Update2008-08-31
TitleThe Use Of Basalt Aggregates In Concrete Mixes In Jordan
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Name: Hamadallah Mohammad Al-Baijat
Org: Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tafila Technical University
Country: Jordan
Email: none@none.none

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KeywordsBasalt aggregates, Concrete mixes, Jordan.
AbstractThe purpose of this research is to investigate the feasibility of using basalt aggregates in concrete mixes. The researcher has designed an elaborate experimental program that included a variation of basalt percentages in concrete mixes. The laboratory investigation included measurements of compressive strength, indirect tensile strength, flexural strength, thermal conductivity, permeability, shear strength and modulus of rupture. A conventional limestone mix was used as a control mix. The results of this investigation indicate a general improvement in mix properties with the introduction of basalt aggregates in the mix.
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