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Influence Of Travelers� Attitudes, Status And Auto Consciousness On Car Use Reduction Measures

Last Update2017-03-06
TitleInfluence Of Travelers� Attitudes, Status And Auto Consciousness On Car Use Reduction Measures
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Name: Muhammad Ashraf Javid
Org: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering and Architecture, University of Nizwa, Nizwa, Oman

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KeywordsTravel behavior, Attitudes, Lifestyles, Public transport, Private car, Lahore
AbstractThe rapid increase in private vehicle ownership and usage results in traffic congestions on road networks and increases social costs. Reducing traffic congestions by introducing demand management strategies should be part of transportation policies in the developing world. Therefore, this paper aims to evaluate the influence of people�s attitudes and lifestyles on intentions to reduce use of private vehicles. A questionnaire was designed which included respondents� socio-economic characteristics, statements on attitudes, lifestyles and intentions to reduce the use of private vehicles. This questionnaire survey was conducted in Lahore city with the help of university students and a total of 338 usable samples were obtained. Structural equation modeling technique was used to analyze the data. The analysis results revealed that people�s transit-oriented attitudes, status and auto consciousness are underlying factors for the reduction of car use in Lahore city. These significant variables need to be considered in policy making regarding improvement of public transport and implementation of car use reduction policies in Lahore.
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