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Numerical Evaluation Of Dynamic Response By Using Modified Newmark�s Method

Last Update2018-11-26
TitleNumerical Evaluation Of Dynamic Response By Using Modified Newmark�s Method
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Name: Wael Alnahhal
Org: Assistant Professor, Qatar University, Qatar

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Name: Amjad Aref
Org: Professor, University at Buffalo, United State of America, USA

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KeywordsNewmark�s method, Richardson�s extrapolation, Structural dynamic analysis, Numerical analysis, Modified Newmark�s method, Integration algorithm
AbstractIt is well known that the Newmark�s method is considered one of the most popular methods for structural dynamic analysis. In this study, starting from the basic Newmark�s method, a new accurate method is investigated and developed. The basic idea of the proposed method is to use Richardson�s extrapolation to improve the basic Newmark�s method. To observe the accuracy of the proposed method, several numerical tests are performed for a single degree-of-freedom (SDM) dynamic system and the results are compared with results from Newmark�s method and the exact solution. The results show that the proposed method improves the solution accuracy of the structural dynamic problems compared to the Newmark�s method. Moreover, the results of the free oscillating case show that the modified Newmark�s method has more computational efficiency compared to the Newmark�s method.
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