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Please review the entire form before starting to fill it out to ensure you have all the required information. Don't forget to write the authors titles and names. Jordanian authors please submit a blind copy ( No author information) of the paper. Read the instruction to authors and format your paper according to the Journal style. Papers must be submitted at the same time as you fill out this form. Should your paper contains EXCEL charts; those must be original and not pictures (don't copy and paste the figures). The font of the figure should be >10. Papers submitted as attachment through E-mail are not accepted. In order to have your paper reviewed rapidly, make sure that the copyright form is signed, scanned and sent via E-Mail to the editor

General Information
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NOTE: Organization should be your company, university, or similar. Please do not use your department or division.
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Contact Author
The contact author is the person responsible for correspondence with the program chair. We ask for additional information for the contact author, so that we can ensure timely communication and make the program accurate. We will only contact authors other than the contact author if we are unable to reach the contact author (e.g., because of a bad email address). Please notify us of any changes in names, affiliations, etc. in the contact author's information

Note: If you have more than one email address, please put the second address under "Alternate Email". We will only use that address if there is a problem with the primary email.

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Make sure paper is completely blinded (i.e., no authors info).

File upload limit through this form is 2MB. If your paper is larger than 2MB, leave the Paper field empty, and contact the Program Editor after making your submission.
Please check over your entries, making sure everything is filled out. When ready, click on the Submit Paper button below.