Jordan Journal of Civil Engineering

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The Model of Human Resource Management Strategies for Iranian Project - based Construction Organizations

Volume 15, No. 2, 2021
Received: 2021/04/02, Accepted:


Farnood Abbasi; Mohammad Khalilzadeh;


Nowadays, human resources are vital in any organization and are considered as a driving force of strategic plans of organizations, such that correct utilization of human resources leads to growth and development of organizations. This study presents the desirable human resource strategies’ model of a project-based construction organization in Iran through evaluation of internal and external environment and creating SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) and QSPM (Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix) matrices. In the next step, the best strategy was selected for the human resources of an organization. The most important influential internal and external factors were identified based on the experts’ opinions, AHP and the strategies identification techniques. Subsequently, the initial strategies of human resources were compiled by using SWOT matrix. Finally, the position of the organization in the four-fold internal/external matrix was determined in terms of specific human resources and with QSPM technique for strategies relevant to human resource system of organization based on the results. The results show that defensive strategies are a desirable choice for the human resource system of the organization. According to the results, increasing organizational capitals for use in the motivation and punishment system, as well as revising the payment system and the educational system have the most significant effects on organizational success.


Strategic human resource management, Construction, Project-based organizations, SWOT, AHP, QSPM